Saturday, 7 November 2009

Old Habits

This weekend, my mother had to go to Oxford to cover a Fairtrade conference that was going on there. My dad and I were supposed to go with her, but the day before, our hotel plans fell through. It was so sad to be separated like that. So, in our despondent states, dad and I decided to find comfort in our favorite place on earth! The Natural History Museum. Now I realize that I have recently written up a post about it, but it is just such a wonderful place that it couldn't hurt to write about it some more.

Going there with dad was a little trippy though, because I feel like the two of us have been going there my whole life. When the family visited London when I was growing up, we would stay at the Gloucester Hotel, which is down the road from the Natural History Museum. So, while my mother shopped to her hearts content, my father and I would sneak off to see the dinosaurs. It is still fun going there now at the age of 26. I am amazed by how excited my father still gets about seeing the giant plastic whale or the bizarre stuffed animals. I blame him for my lifelong fascination with museums.

After the Natural History Museum, including the mandatory tea break, we walked over to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see the Indian collections. They're collection is rather small, unlike the British Museum which has heaps and heaps of interesting artifacts. Still, being around the beautiful old Indian paintings and sculptures, I was reminded of why I love what I do. It's been hard to feel passionate about my work lately, with all the deadlines and the daily grind of sitting and writing. But Indian culture is rich and fascinating. There is still so much to uncover and learn about.

Being at home has been wonderful! I never thought I'd ever have another opportunity to live at home for an extended period of time. I have been living on a different continent from my parents for eight years now. It is such a luxury to spend the day in Kensington with dad.

I have completed a full chapter of my dissertation and I am in the process of submitting to a journal. I am feeling a little worn out from all the writing. Summer seems like such a long time ago, with all the traveling and the new sights and wonderful people I met! Still, it is nice to have my feet on the ground and to be surrounded by the stability of family and routine.